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Afro Exotic and Tonewood Ltd is a company base and Registered in UK (company Reg 13852130) and has a broad network of exotic and tonewood suppliers across Africa. We specialise in running sawmill manufacturing across Africa.

Afro Exotic and Tonewood Ltd has gained status as a registered professional operator (RPO) in the UK licensed the UK Forestry Commission to legally import and export wood into and out of United Kingdom. We are registered with Forestry Commission Plant Health in Uk. We have also gained status as a legalize Gabon ebony operating mill in Cameroon

A company started by just 5 experienced individual has grown to become Africa’s finest dealer in exotic wood and gabon ebony musical instrument wooden part manufacturing. We pride ourself as the best in Africa and the UK when it comes to tonewood.

Afro Exotic and Tonewood ltd operates with a head office in the UK (Address: 72 Fairthon Road, London, SE7 7FS) and also a strong hold in Cameroon and other parts across Africa. 

Our comitment ranges from the exploitation and processing of exotic, to exotic wood consultancy and the manufacturing of wooden parts of musical instrument from the Gabon Ebony.

We deliver our products both through see and air.




+44 7446 072359


Address: 72 Fairthon Road, London, SE7 7FS